EnergyRadar APP

View your Energy Usage

The EnergyRadar App is your inhouse display for the actual power consumption, the import and export of energy. But it also gives you more information about the availablity of renewable energy sources in the grid.


  • Easy to use
  • Displaying of real-time meter data
  • Displaying of availablity of renewable energy sources
  • News section with up to date information
  • Help section for your customers to get more information
  • Available for customization and whitelabeling

The dashboard

This is the main information screen for the user. It will display the actual power consumption as well as the actual meter readings. In addition you will see information about the actual energy mix. This is the main information center for your customers. The dashboard shows

  • actual import and export of power
  • actual meter readings
  • information about the mix of energy sources


The planner

Your customers are enabled to optimize their usage of energy. The planner gives them information about

  • the availability of solar and wind energy
  • forecast based on public information for the next three days


News and messages

Push information about your latest news to your customers. Inform them about new tariffs, new projects or events you are planning. This is the permanent communication channel to your customers!



Get instant feedback from your customers. Support them with FAQs and also give your customers the possiblity to call you or to send you an email.