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How does EnergyRadar® works?

The EnergyRadar®

Realtime Meter Readings

The new product line from Cuculus opens new ways of doing business with your customers. The MeterExtension provides new ways of measuring meter data and can be used in advanced IoT based services. The installation is done in three simple steps and will be done by the end user. No integration projects are needed, simple to deploy and fast to the market.



The EnergyRadar product family consists of the MeterExtension, which connects to the Smart Meter and the EnergyRadar App which will work as an inhouse display for end users. This solution gives the customer a real time view of his import or export of energy to the grid. It could be combined with other sources of information like weather information, tariff information, the availability of renewable energy in the grid and as well with information about the specific CO2 footprint of the customer.

The MeterExtension #1

The EnergyRadar MeterExtension is the heart of the solution. It connects to the Smart Meter and sends real-time meter data about the actual energy usage to the inhouse App or to an external IoT application. The installation of the MeterExtension is very easy and done in three simple steps.

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The MeterExtension #2

The MeterExtension connects to the Smart Meter via the optical port and sends meter data about the energy usage to the inhouse App . The installation of the MeterExtension is very easy and done in three steps.

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The EnergyRadar App is an in-house display for real-time meter readings. It connects through the EnergyRadar MeterExtension to the Smart Meter. This App provides the user with different information like his energy consumption, his CO2 footprint, a forecast about the availabilty of renewable energy. Also it provides a channel for constant communication with the end user via a news section.

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done in 3 Steps


The installation of the EnergyRadar is very simple: Just plug in the MeterExtension to the Smart Meter, install the App, chose the inhouse network you want to use and add the password for this WiFi network. The MeterExtension then connects to this network and also to the App. In just a few seconds, you will see your energy consumption in the App.


Real time data in central hub environment

Energy suppliers are faced with the challenge to get real-time information about the current energy situation at end users location. Central hub environments like in the UK or in Norway struggle with the same problem: meter readings are delivered late, often with a delay of several hours or days. Therefore, new valuable services cannot be provided to end customers. This is where the EnergyRadar MeterExtension come into the place! Connected to the local port of the Smart Meter, the EnergyRadar MeterExtension reads the information from the meter in real time and sends the meter readings and power consumption data with a granularity of seconds.

News from Cuculus

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Thursday, January 02 2020

Successfull Tests with different Smart Meter

The tests take place with Smart Meter with a HAN Port (MBus)

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Succesfull test of MeterExtension #2 in Germany

Reading data from the optical Port

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EnergyRadar at the E-World 2020

February 11th - 13th, 2020 Essen / Germany

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Monday, December 23 2019

EnergyRadar wishes a Merry Christmas

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Monday, May 13 2019

The new product line EnergyRadar

We are proud to introduce the new product line by Cuculus.

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Wednesday, February 06 2019

Energy Awards 2018

Finalist in the category Smart Infrastructure

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Thursday, September 19 2019

Würzburger Versorgerkongress 2019

30. September - 2. Oktober

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Monday, July 02 2018

Horst Toddenrott took over new department at Cuculus

Horst Toddenrott started on July 1st, 2018 to develop a new product line called EnergyRadar(R) for Cuculus.

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